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More Features and Updates

We’ve updated a lot in RPGSmith over the past couple of months. Many of our improvements were suggestions from our user community, we thank you very much for those. There’s way too many to mention but below are just some of the highlights.

Quicker Access

We’ve implemented a number of features to help with both navigation & displaying information throughout the app.

One really nice feature are the hover-over cards. When used from a computer you can hover your mouse pointer over a record tile. This could be a search result, a link/execute tile created on your dashboard, a record from your character’s inventory, or other similar screens. When doing so, a pop-up card of information about that record will be displayed without the need to select it to navigate and load a new details screen. Information such as description, stats, associated icons, and more are all displayed on the fly.

In the combat tracker interface we’ve expanded the functions of the combatant pane (the information shown for a monster or character on the right side of the screen when selected). We’ve added a section for Saved commands (common dice commands saved by the players in the dice interface), as well as added the hover-over cards to greatly reduce the need to navigate away from this interface.

Selecting a record in the various screens often takes you to the details for that record, now if you long click (click and hold) on the record the edit interface for that record will launch instantly. This can also be done with tiles on your dashboard, if you want to edit the content of the tile, simply click and hold and you can bypass the need to access the ‘Manage Tile’ interface.

Many screens for the GM can now be launched into separate tabs or windows of your browser. Access the Monster screen often? Simply right click on the ‘Monsters’ button from the campaign interface and select the option to ‘open in a new tab’, now you have a constant browser tab of monsters in your campaign.


No longer do you need to create an inventory item for dollars, or gold coins. Now you can set the various types of currency at the Rule Set/Campaign Level. Define up to 10 different currency types, after creating the initial ‘Base Unit’ the other currency types have their value assigned, compared to this base unit.

This enables you to track your money separate from your inventory quickly and easily, and paves the way to implement a ‘Shops’ feature in the near future. Link to Video

Ally Improvements

We’ve improved upon the recently implemented Ally feature, which allows the GM to assign a monster to be controlled by a player. In addition to the launch features we now allow Allies to:

  • Obtain and drop items
  • Be easily identified by the GM by the indication of a new ‘Ally’ icon
  • Receive items from other players through a ‘Give’ feature accessible from the combat interface
  • Target other combatants which allows players to see what a given ally has targeted

Consumable Items

Items marked as consumable will now have their quantity decrease by 1 when used. For example, if you have an ‘Apple’ item in your inventory with a quantity of 5, selecting the ‘use’ button on this item with not only execute any command associated with the record, but the quantity will decrease to 4. Press it again and the quantity becomes 3. There’s even the configuration option to have the record automatically delete when the quantity becomes 0, but that is up to you.

Import / Export

We’ve taken a critical 1st step towards importing and exporting of bulk records within a given Campaign. We’ve always allowed the user to share an entire Campaign or Rule Set with others through the app. But now the GMs can export Monster Templates into a spreadsheet format for which they can update, share, and re-import back into the same, or a different campaign. Soon we’ll expand this functionality to other record types such as Item Templates, Spells, Abilities, Buffs & Effects, and more.

As always, if you are interested in seeing more more in-depth information for a given topic, check out RPGSmith’s Help. Not only is this easy to follow and read, there are also tons of topic specific videos integrated throughout in the even you prefer to just have a watch and listen over the various features.

If you’re interested in seeing a summarized listing of the updates to the application, check out the Application Version page.

More stuffs a comin’. Stay tuned and Forge and Epic Game.