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Pilot Program Launch

The RPGSmith team is excited to announce the launch of our Pilot Program.

We’re looking for GMs of a number of different systems to use our Pilot environment to run their games and give us feedback.

One of the main intentions of this environment would be for users to inform us of any bugs or issues found with new features we implement in pilot, before we promote those updates to production.

Another purpose would be for Content Creators (Game Designers/Developers) to build their systems in the pilot environment for testing and QA. Once they’re satisfied with the offering we can then promote their Rule Sets to production for sale or use by the production RPGSmith community. This also provides Content Creators to validate their Rule Sets/Content against new features we implement before those updates go to production.

GMs of the pilot environment are afforded a number of free and unique features. More details about the Pilot program and the sign-up sheet can be found on the signup page. Check it out.

Pilot Program Details & Sign-Up Sheet


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