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More Features and Updates

Over the past number of months we’ve been churning out the features in RPGSmith, due to our focus on development, we’ve neglected our promotion and website updates responsibilities. That will soon change. Regarding features, we’ve quietly already implemented everything mentinoed in the last blog post made way back in May, plus a bit more.

You can always see our pushed updates by examining the Application Version page, which lists out the bug fixes, feature implementations, and when those were deployed.

We’ve also improved our help interface, not only are there written explination and example of how to use the app, but there are short 3-8 minute commercial free, no-fluff videos sprinkled throughout designed to cover the specific topic quickly and get you back into the game. I know it’s help documentation that no one uses, but give it a try none-the-less. You won’t be sorry.

New Features

In the last post we previewed the new features such as Monsters/Templates, Combat Tracker, Buffs & Effects, Loot Piles, & the Randomization Engine. All of these are in place and fully functional. 


Ever have a player character hire a mercenary, or take a protege under their wing, charm the pants off a aggressor to fight for them, or perhaps even polymorph into another creature? Often times the GM would have to convey to the stats, capabilities, and other attributes of this ‘monster’ to the player, which can slow down gamplay, and detract from the fun. 

With Allies, a GM can deploy a monster and assign control of that monster to a specific player. The Player would then have instant access to all the stats, commands, items, and details for that monster. The player would even be able to control the monster through the combat tracker interface just like they would for their primary character. How cool is that? Link to Video

GM Only Fields

Now implemented on all records is a ‘GM Only’ field. This field is hidden to the players joined to a given Campaign. This allows a GM to store notes, images, and other information directly on a given record (item, spell, buff, etc.) that only they have access to see. So store those cursed notes about an unidentified item directly on that record, and never have to go searching for that information again.

Monster Groups

Along with monsters we’ve also implemented the ability to create Monster Groups from monster templates. This allows the GM to stage a pre-configured band of villans to pounce on the party with a couple of clicks. With groups, the GM can instantly deploy the monsters to combat, and have that configuration saved to use again in the future if so desired. Quite the time saver at the table to just deploy 1 group template that could contain any number of different monsters of different quantities.

Item Attribute: Visibility

With a character’s inventory, we could also flag an item as being visible. Now with the combat tracker interface player’s have the ability to inspect other characters in their group and see a list of that character’s inventory. But this list will now only show items which have been flagged as visible. This gives the players the ability to pick and choose which items would be seen by other players.

Item Attribute: Consuable

Items marked as being consumable now have a sublte, cool new feature assocaited with them. When an item is ‘used’ (via clicking the use  button on the details of the item or via the execution tile) if the item is flagged as consumable, the quanity of that item will decrease by 1. So if you have a (20) bullets in your inventory and you click use on that item, they quantity automatically reduces to 19, click again and we’re down to 18, etc. Don’t want the quantity to auto-reduce? Simple uncheck as being consumable in the edit interface.

Chat Updates

Some nice features are now available in chat. You can open chat in a separate window if you like, you can press the up and down arrows in chat to scroll through prior messages sent, dice rolls now have a neat roll sound when executed, dice results shown in chat now have color coding to quickly identify which are dice rolls, vs static modifiders, and even special colors to indicate Crits and Fumbles.

As illuded to previously, we’re going to put out more promotional material here in a couple of months. These will include giveaways, videos, and more. Stay tuned, we’ve got more in store!